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B1 18/11/2018 1400 P2     
B10932 21/11/2018 0900 P70 Greenwood Primary to Whiteman Park 95+6pax 72seat 
B10932 21/11/2018 1410 P70 Whiteman Park to Greenwood Primary  95+6pax 72seat 
B1 22/11/2018 1900 P2 Yoga Loftus Rec 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM   
B10938 23/11/2018 0850 P70 canx North Morley Primary to West Morley Primary to Ashfield Primary  54+6pax 72seat 
B10953 24/11/2018 1100 P70  Carine to 1230 Elmars to 1345 Ironbark to 1500 Duckstein 1630 to ~1715 Scarborough  72pax 72seat 
B10945 24/11/2018 1100 25  Southern River to Black Swan Winery to Elmars to Duckstein to Southern River November for about 1800 25pax 35seat 
B10960 24/11/2018 1130 P22  Ocean Reef to Old Youngs Distillery to Elmars to Ugly duckling to Ocean Reef for about 1730 22pax 22seat 
B10952 24/11/2018 1400 XXX canx Hillarys to Port Beach in Fremantle 72pax 72seat 
B10935 24/11/2018 2040 45  Ocean Reef to Hippy Club one way 45pax 45seat 
B10952 24/11/2018 2330 XXX canx Port Beach in Fremantle to Hillarys Boat Harbour 72pax 72seat 
B10968 30/11/2018 1815 P70 Victory Life, Osborne Park to Perth Convention Centre 72pax 72seat 
B10968 30/11/2018 2130 P70 Perth Convention Centre to Victory Life, Osborne Park  72pax 72seat 
B10958 01/12/2018 1530 P70 check time Sorrento  70pax 72seat 
B10958 01/12/2018 2330 P70  Gloucester Park to Northbridge to Sorrento  70pax 72seat 
B10961 02/12/2018 1030 P70  Kallaroo to 1115 Funk 1300 to 1315 Elmars 1430 to 1445 Fig Tree 1630 to for about 1730 70pax 72seat 
B10929 03/12/2018 1040 P70 Morley Primary to Bayswater Waves  63+4pax  
B10929 03/12/2018 1130 P70 Morley Primary to Bayswater Waves 80+4pax  
B10929 03/12/2018 1200 P70 Bayswater Waves to Morley Primary  63+4pax  
B10929 03/12/2018 1250 P70 Bayswater Waves to Morley Primary  80+4pax  
B10929 05/12/2018 0850 P70 Eden Hill Primary to Whitemans Park village carpark 67+7pax  
B10929 05/12/2018 1040 P70 Morley Primary to Bayswater Waves 63+4pax  
B1 05/12/2018 1110 *** Dentist   
B10929 05/12/2018 1130 P70 Morley Primary to Bayswater Waves 80+4pax  
B10929 05/12/2018 1200 P70 Bayswater Waves to Morley Primary  63+4pax  
B10929 05/12/2018 1250 P70 Bayswater Waves to Morley Primary  80+4pax  
B10929 05/12/2018 1400 P70 Whitemans Park Village Carpark to Eden Hill Primary  67+7pax  
B10897 06/12/2018 0900 47+5 Greenwood Primary to Adventure World 47+5pax 45seat 
B10937 06/12/2018 0910 65+ Greenwood Primary to Grand Cinemas Warwick 65+pax 47seat 
B10844 06/12/2018 1000 P70  Warwick Church of Christ Building At to Barrack Street Jetty to Board the Captain Cook Riverboat to Swan Valley Leaving 1030  70seat 
B10937 06/12/2018 1115 65+ Grand Cinemas Warwick to Greenwood Primary  65+pax 47seat 
B10844 06/12/2018 1415 P70  Barrack Street Jetty, Captain Cook Riverboat to to Warwick Church Of Christ Building At   70seat 
B10897 06/12/2018 1415 47+5 Adventure World to Greenwood Primary  47+5pax 45seat 
B10929 07/12/2018 0930 P70 Hillcrest Primary to Whiteman’s Park Village 87+10pax 72seat 
B10929 07/12/2018 1340 P70 North Morley Primary to Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre 87+10pax 72seat 
B10929 07/12/2018 1420 P70 Whiteman’s Park Village to Hillcrest Primary  87+12pax 72seat 
B10955 11/12/2018 0900 46+3 Greenwood Primary to Whitfords  46+3pax 45seat 
B10955 11/12/2018 1200 46+3 Whitfords Chipmunks U 11 37 Endeavour Rd Hillarys to Greenwood Primary  46+3pax 45seat 
B10930 11/12/2018 1215 P70 Greenwood Primary to Warwick Bowls 94+9pax 72seat 
B10930 11/12/2018 1445 P70 Warwick Bowls to Greenwood Primary for 1500 94+9pax 72seat 
B10963 12/12/2018 0830 P70 Wanneroo Secondary to Adventure World  72pax 72seat 
B10963 12/12/2018 1600 P70 Adventure World to Wanneroo SC Paltara Way 72pax 72seat 
B1 12/12/2018 2115  Perth PER to SIN 0225 Changi   
B1 13/12/2018 0000  Term Ends  1seat 
B1 14/12/2018 0000  School Holidays Start   
B1 14/12/2018 0025  Changi to TR734 Scoot to TXL 0620 Berlin Tegel   
B1 15/12/2018 0000 P2 Christmas Party    
B1 21/12/2018 1105  Cologne to 1145 Bristol 1hr 40min   
B1 28/12/2018 1810  Ryan Air ZT3R7F Bristol to 2140 Warsaw Modlin 2hr30min   
B1 01/02/2019 1400 P2 QZ 544 01 Feb 2019 02:00PM DPS Bali to PER Perth 05:50PM   
B10957 02/02/2019 1100 P70  Dalkeith to venues to be decided to Elmars for about 1730 72pax 72seat 
B1 03/02/2019 0000  School Holidays End   

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